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So by now you’ve decided what sort of alpacas you're looking for and that will have informed your view on what you want to spend. We’ve already discussed the sort of factors which affect prices (see here), so you’ll understand that our alpacas are priced along the following lines…

Breeding females (£2000 - £12000)
Females of breeding quality. Some will come with cria at foot, and occasionaly there will be some maidens. Remember to look at the male to whom the alpaca is mated as this will affect price. There is a range of ages available so that you can economise if you need to without compromising on quality.

Stud males (£1000 - £15000)
Fairly clearly the cheapest stud male is unlikely to provide you with the winner of the National Show, however in all herds a range of quality exists. If you have high quality females then invest in the best of males, on the other hand with some of your females it may not be cost-effective to look for ‘show-stopping’ results and a much better return on investment will come from a proven male with good conformation and an above average fleece who will be available at a more reasonable price.

Fibre/pet quality alpacas (around £500)
A delightful range of (mostly) males to enhance your life. The coloureds tend to be a little more expensive than the whites, otherwise fleece quality and age determines price.

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At Farbrook Alpacas we specialise in helping you get started. If you've never owned alpacas before then you qualify for one of our...

Starter Herds

A Starter Herd is a group of alpacas suited to your aims on which we give you a...
25% discount

Included in the price is a tailor-made support package for new owners covering farm setup, husbandry and care, breeding, and of course un-paralled ongoing support. Everything you need to get going.

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**Please note: Starter Herds are ONLY available to customers who have not owned alpacas before. If you are looking to augment your existing herd with some of our excellent range of beautiful alpacas please look here and you'll see we price very competitively, but I'm afraid you won't qualify for Starter Herd prices unless you're genuinely starting-up!