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Training courses

  Handling and Husbandry
Prior knowledge assumed: nil.
So you’ve decided to take the plunge! This course is for you and covers all aspects of alpaca husbandry, handling, and nutrition. You’ll learn herding, catching and holding, foot-trimming, injections, oral drenching, the all-important condition scoring, and  - perhaps most important of all - ‘when to call the vet’. This is a busy day and hard work for all involved…but great fun!
There’s a lot of manual handling involved so farm clothes and wellies please. There are always plenty of questions so the timing may be a little ‘loose’.
Course limited to 8.
Duration: 1 day
Hours: 9-5 (includes lunch with wine, and refreshments).
Cost: Nil (included in your Farbrook Starter Herd).
There’s plenty of B&B accommodation locally.

Family introduction visits

Why not bring the family to meet and handle some alpacas and see how an alpaca farm operates? We’re in the heart of the fabulously beautiful Peak District so make a day of it. Your children are very welcome: we’ll show them how to hold and handle alpacas if they want, and if they don’t then there’s plenty of space for them to run around and explore! Bring a picnic or we can arrange a lunch or dinner for you.

We’re surrounded by beautiful walks and bridleways and there’s a horse trekking centre just up the road.

If you’d like to make a weekend of it we can put you in touch with some local B&Bs. Visit the Roman town of Buxton, take in a show at the Opera House, do some shopping, or tour some of our fabulous local pubs. The market town of Bakewell and nearby Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall are about 30 minutes drive away.

Shearing services

We provide a shearing service for our clients at our farm. Any number of alpacas may be brought by arrangement on either a shear-and-go, or a stay-over basis.

        1 – 20 Alpacas         £15 per head
        >    20 Alpacas         £13 per head

Additional services done at the same time as shearing:
         Nail trimming                      £1
         Teeth trimming                   £2
         Fighting teeth removal         £1
         Injections                          £0.50 (not including product)

VAT applies to all prices


We offer ‘full livery’ (agistment) to your alpacas. You might be interested in this facility for a number of reasons.

  • You want to benefit from alpaca farming but have no land at present. This way you can get your business started straightaway.
  • If you have limited land you could manage your herd separation (males/females/weanlings) this way.
  • You want to ‘ease into’ alpaca ownership knowing someone else experienced is always on hand to look after your alpacas.
  • You have bought a single alpaca you particularly wanted and it will be some time before you will buy the rest of the group (alpacas must never be kept alone).

We will make a daily, weekly, or monthly charge (based on your needs) that covers all the alpaca’s needs. Then we look after them as if they were our own. Rates are higher in winter than summer (due feed requirement), but discounts are available if you agist multiple alpacas with us.

You can have access to your alpacas whenever you wish, secure in the knowledge that you and all our other agistment owners always conform to our safety and security rules!

After sales support

See our Sales section for full details of our after-sales support.


See our Sales section.

Stud Services

We offer a range of quality males in various colours to enhance your breeding program. Contact us to discuss your requirements.